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Danielle Wayne

Coaching for Perfectionists and High Achievers

Virtual Voxer coaching for self-motivated perfectionists and high-achievers who want help breaking free from the constant need to achieve.

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Are you tired of believing that nothing you do will ever be good enough?

Do you find yourself focusing on climbing the never-ending ladder of accomplishment, spending your life running in a hamster wheel without ever feeling truly satisfied?

Do you wish you could enjoy guilt-free time away from work?

On paper, your life looks incredible. You have an impressive list of accolades and achievements, a job that would make plenty of people envious, and look like you always have your act together.

But on the inside, you’re anxious. Your life is full and busy, but you feel hollow. You spend your time chasing achievements, yet at the end of the day, none of it makes you as happy as it should. 

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You want to feel content with your life. You just want to feel good enough. But instead, you find yourself…

→ Constantly chasing approval from others
→ Dealing with anxiety in work and personal relationships
→ Feeling like you’re living your life based on someone else’s expectations
→ Struggling to set boundaries
→ Incapable of celebrating your accomplishments
→ Worrying about how to communicate with your boss or colleagues
→ Fearing that something bad will happen if you don’t do things the “right” way
→ Unable to be present and instead always worrying about the future or regretting the past
→ Floundering in romantic relationships
→ Having difficulty receiving love and affection
→ Terrified to admit you’re struggling because that might mean you’re failing

If you’re here, you’re probably tired of the emptiness that follows that initial burst of pride from succeeding at something. You think there must be more to life than constantly pursuing the next big accomplishment… but you don’t know how to get there.

MEET YOUR coach for perfectionists and high achievers

Hi, I’m Danielle Wayne.

As a licensed social worker, I help you let go of your need to always be “doing it better” and start enjoying your life as it is right now.

I get how scary it is to ask for help when you’re struggling. I’ve been there. I worked a high-pressure job that stressed me out for a long time. I couldn’t admit it was killing me because deep down, I believed that struggling meant I was failing.

Eventually I realized that being burned out, stressed, and anxious weren’t signs of personal failure. Instead, they were signs that I needed to make some changes in my life. That realization allowed me to forgive myself for my mistakes, grant myself self-compassion, reframe my challenges, and ask myself what I might need to do differently. Instead of living up to someone else’s expectations, I started living for myself. And that changed my life.

Now, as a therapist and coach, I help you get out of the perfectionism cycle the same way I've helped hundreds of clients in my private practice.

Together, we look at your current habits, beliefs, and goals. I help you shine light on factors that are holding you back from what you want in life, providing unique to you exercises and tools for overcoming these obstacles.

When we work together, you'll find a supportive and straightforward space to work through your challenges and accomplish your goals. I'll be in your corner every step of the way.

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My approach to perfectionism coaching

I offer online perfectionism coaching because I want it to be as accessible as possible for you. When you work with me, you get an experienced therapist with a no-bullshit approach to helping you reach your goals and enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build. 

I’m here to provide gentle (but no-nonsense) accountability, a nurturing space to learn and grow, and specific tools and strategies for your individual needs.

Your goals are the most important part of our time together. We focus on what your problems and challenges are right now, look at how they’re keeping you from your goals, and work toward solutions to change them. 

When we work together, you’ll get:

Access to a licensed therapist with years of experience working with high-achieving perfectionists from wherever you are
Science-backed strategies and tools for your life that actually make a difference
Accountability and a plan of action from a therapist
Solution-focused support for your goals
Skill development to help you achieve the life you want

I know that you and your situation are unique. No matter who you are, I help you break through self-limiting beliefs, develop the skills you need transform your behaviors, and feel more empowered in your life.

Here's how it works.


The first step to overcoming anxiety is signing up for a free online chat.
Step one
Complete a questionnaire to help determine if we'll be a good fit for coaching. This includes discussing where you are now and your goals for our work together.


The second step to overcoming anxiety is to decide on goals and see where we're starting.
Step two
Sign up for Voxer coaching support, and get Voxer connected.


The third step to overcoming anxiety is to meet for weekly or bi-weekly sessions with an anxiety therapist.
Step three
Send me unlimited voice memos and text messages, on your own time, whenever is convenient for you. We focus on your goals, priorities, and challenges.
laptop and black mug with batman logo are resting on a table, danielle, a coach for perfectionists and high achievers, is sitting behind the laptop and typing.

FAQs about perfectionism coaching

Here are some common questions I get about coaching for high achievers and perfectionists.

What can perfectionism coaching help with?

Perfectionism coaching with me can help you:

→ Learn who you are behind your career
→ Enjoy your achievements instead of blazing straight past them onto the next to-do 
→ Figure out hobbies and things that bring you joy outside of work
→ Set healthy boundaries without wanting to die inside
→ Celebrate and honor experiences that help you grow
→ Communicate better at work and in your personal relationships
→ Sink into relaxation in your off time
→ Spend free time not thinking about work (Yes, really.)
Change old patterns that aren’t serving you anymore
→ Let go of the need to always be doing something more or better

Together, we’ll help you work toward the life you really want…while learning to enjoy everything you already have.

What does coaching look like?

I use Voxer, a text and voice note app, for my coaching clients. When you sign up, you’ll get unlimited access to me through voice memos and written messages. You’ll get the same amount of guidance and support as a video call or face-to-face appointment, but without having to wait in between sessions to talk to me.

Is coaching for perfectionists the right fit?

I believe everyone deserves access to expertise support, guidance, and individualized strategies to help them overcome their challenges. But perfectionism coaching isn’t for everybody. Only you can decide whether it’s right for you at this time in your life.

Coaching for perfectionists with me is for you if: 

→ You feel like you’re living according to someone else’s standards.
You’re tired of constantly chasing achievements, accolades, and accomplishments
→ You’re sick of being anxious, burned out, and stressed.
You have the nagging sense that there’s more to life than your job.
You want to find out who you are outside of work.
→ You’re terrified of failure but ready to make changes in your life.
→ You want help developing useful skills and strategies for dealing with your stresses and struggles.
→ You want someone on your side who understands your challenges and who guides and supports you every step of the way.
→ You’re willing to come up with goals and work toward them together.
→ You want to make positive changes to feel better, let go of what isn’t serving you, and have a life you love.

If the idea of coaching sounds scary but something is telling you it’s a good idea, then it probably is! It’s okay if you don’t feel entirely ready. I’ll meet you wherever you’re at and we’ll move forward together, step by step. 

How do I know if coaching isn't for me?

Perfectionism coaching with me most likely isn’t for you if:

→ You aren’t caught in a cycle of the “need to achieve”
→ You don’t struggle with things like stress, anxiety, burnout, low self-esteem, or people-pleasing
→ You feel solid in your work-life balance
→ You aren’t interested in looking at the beliefs and habits that might be holding you back
→ You want someone to tell you what to do or “fix” you
→ You don’t want support, accountability, and follow-through in setting and working toward goals

If this is you, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with wherever you are in your journey. And if you ever change your mind, I’ll be here.

You’ve worked so hard to build your life. Why not start enjoying it?

I take time to reveal a lot of things to people. But Danielle has helped me ease into the process of sharing. Day by day, and little by little. I feel like just sharing and listening to the little advices has helped me think for myself regarding my current situation. Thanks Danielle. I hope to continue therapy with your help.

Danielle has been wonderful to work with and I feel I have gained a lot from our time together. She's helped me initiate changes in my life that I was struggling to make on my own and given me helpful tools in the process. She's well-versed in her field and offers an empathetic, yet practical perspective that allow you to understand yourself a little better.

Danielle is phenomenal. She is honest, encouraging, and persistent. She doesn't shy away from difficult topics, rather she guides you and provides you with the tools to face them and make a change when necessary. Danielle met me where I was, offered me unconditional acceptance, and then started helping me to grow towards who I want to become.

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