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If you’re ready to get a handle on your anxiety, set up a complimentary consultation with me below. We’ll get to know each other and determine if we’re a good fit for therapy.

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Idaho, Iowa, and North Dakota

What can I expect during our first meeting?

Here are some technical things to keep in mind for our first meeting and the free consultation:

→ Our very first meeting will be about 20 minutes or so (give or take).
→All of the work I do is online, which means this meeting will be an online video call.
→Before we meet, you'll receive an email that includes the link to join the session.
→You can join the video call from your phone (it'll have you download an app) or your computer.

This meeting is an opportunity for us to try each other out and make sure that we’re a good fit. I want the clients I’m working with to feel confident that I’m a good match for them.

I also see this as an opportunity for you to see what my therapy style is like. This is also when we’ll create goals together and start to work towards these goals. I’ll ask some questions about what you’ve been struggling with, and I’ll also answer any questions you may have.

What are your prices?

For online video therapy sessions, my standard rate is 50-minute sessions for $150.

My session fee accounts for my graduate degree, thousands of hours in training and supervision, and my specialty in anxiety in millennial-aged adults.

Working with me is an investment in you and your future. It’s my goal for you to experience lasting results—I want you to reap the rewards of your investment for the rest of your life.

Do you work with insurance companies?

I am in-network with Blue Cross.

If you have any other insurance, and a PPO plan, there is a good chance that your insurance will provide some compensation for out-of-network providers.

I'd be happy to provide you with a statement (superbill), that you can submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement of fees already paid.

If you're interested in working with me and feel that you would like your insurance to reimburse you for some (or all) of your costs, I recommend contacting your insurance company to determine your coverage for reimbursement.

Many of my clients use their Health Savings Accounts and/or out of network reimbursement to pay for therapy.

How often will we meet?

Therapy is very much something where you get what you put into it, which means that regular sessions will typically provide the most progress, which is how you’ll meet your goals.

I do ask that my clients set up regular appointments, according to what we agree to. That way you know when your appointments are, can make arrangements (if necessary) for the appointments, don't forget to schedule future appointments, and can work towards your therapy goals. We'll decide together how often we'll meet and when.

Most of my clients start off making weekly appointments.

If you’re wondering how you can fit therapy into your schedule, I'm available during afternoons and weekends, which makes it easier for us to meet.

How long until I start to feel better?

That depends on what you’re struggling with and your specific situation. Everyone comes to therapy with different goals and skills and change can take time even though we may not want that to be the case.

I do recommend dedicating a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks of weekly therapy to see changes happen, because you get what you put into it with therapy.

What's your location and availability?

All the work that I do is online (I don't even have an office we could meet at). This means you can live anywhere in Idaho, Iowa, or North Dakota, and and we can work together.

I currently have availability on Fridays, and over the weekends. Please check my calendar for specific times.

I do what I can to respond to emails and voicemails within 48-72 hours.

How can I contact you?

Because I work online, email is easier for me to respond to. I do what I can to respond to emails within 48-72 hours.

You can email me at:

If you prefer to call, you can call me at (208) 371-7213. Please leave a voicemail and I'll do what I can to return your call within 48-72 hours.