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February 28, 2020

6 Ways to Make Life More Manageable

Let's face it, our lives can be chaotic.  We can have work, school, relationships, not to mention hobbies or personal interests that can take up some of our time.  And it can feel like we just woke up for the day, and next thing you know it's the evening and we don't even know how we spent our time, yet alone how we feel about it.

And basically everything that we do throughout the day somehow impacts our emotions.  And the crazier our day and the more we do throughout our day, the less time that leaves us to deal with these emotions.

But if we let chaos rule our life, then that can take a toll on us.  Especially over time.  But here are six  things we can do to try to make the chaos in your everyday life a little more controlled.

1. Make a daily goal.

The idea behind this is that in the morning, you start off the day by asking yourself what you want to accomplish during the day.  

We want goals to be realistic for what we could do in during the day, because we don't want to set ourselves up for failure.  And we also want to make it easy to tell when we've met the goal.  

But beyond these principles, it doesn't matter what the goal is.  Even if it seems like a silly goal or a really simple goal, the whole idea is that you're the one that set it.  You've given your day some purpose and meaning.  So you have a direction to move towards.  And it can also give some sense of pride and accomplishment when you've achieved something that you set out to do (even if it felt silly in the beginning).  And over time, that positive feeling can build up.

2. Set aside time for you.

There's a reason why we're told to put our own oxygen masks on before we help someone else with theirs.

The whole idea of self-care and taking time for ourselves, is that these things help us be in a better mindset for the other things in our life.  If we're burnt out, then we're only able to offer everything else in our lives a small portion of what we could be offering them.

So taking some time for yourself really is helpful!  By taking some time for yourself, you're able to be the best you that you can be for other aspects of your life.  Which really helps you in the long run.

3. Take some deep breaths.  

When our lives get busy and chaotic, it's so easy to overwhelmed by everything.  And if we're overwhelmed or emotional, then it's hard to juggle everything.

So trying to keep ourselves calm helps us get everything done and feel better at the same time.

There are a lot of ways that you can handle your emotions, but one of the simplest ways is just to take some deep breaths.  The best part about taking this approach, is that you can do it anywhere, at basically anytime.

4. Ask yourself, will this matter 5 years from now?

Sometimes one of the things that overwhelms us is our own thoughts.  And we make mountains out of molehills.  

But a lot of the time, the things that we're focusing on, actually aren't the most important thing in the world.  Sometimes asking yourself just how important something will be years in the future can help you remember this idea.

5. Write things down.

We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves just to remember things.  When really, if you were to write things down, then the pressure to remember it isn't there anymore.  So why pressure ourselves, if we can write it down and let that anxiety go?

6. Organize your space.

There's a lot about our world and our day that we can't control.  Like the weather, time, or other people.  And all of those things can impact us and cause us a lot of stress throughout the day.  But how organized our space is, is something we can control.  

So it can make us feel a lot better to organize things, because it is something that we can control.  And it also makes things a lot easier to find, which helps us as we try to go about our day.

These are some ideas for things that could make a big impact on how you manage your day and your emotions throughout your day.  And when our lives are busy, stressful, and chaotic, every little thing can make a big difference.

Meet the author

Danielle Wayne

Danielle is an anxiety therapist and perfectionism coach. She specializes in helping busy millennials dial down their anxiety and ADHD, so they can perform at their best. Danielle has been featured on Apartment Therapy, SparkPeople, Lifewire, and Now Art World. When Danielle isn't helping her clients, she's playing video games or spending time with her partner and step children.

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